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We are experiencing a public health crisis. The pandemic will likely NOT pass anytime soon. The situation may last months with more inconsistent quarantines with conditions becoming more desperate. It is clear we have to take a stand and protect one another especially in a  moment like this; the general health and well being of your neighbor affects you.

COVID-19 affects and will affect our poor and working-class community members the most. We are already seeing this with the business closures, temporary layoffs, and "shelter in place" orders. This crisis is making clear how vulnerable many of us are. With work dwindling and bills continuing to pile up, many are worried.


We believe housing is a human right.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has made it strikingly clear how vulnerable low income and working-class tenants are in a housing system that prioritizes profits. This website is dedicated to sharing information for San Jose tenants and organizing efforts for community defense and health.

We join state and national housing justice calls for: 

  1. An Immediate Moratorium on Rent Increases, ALL Evictions, Foreclosures and Sheriff Lockouts;

  2. Rent and Mortgage Cancellation; 

  3. A Moratorium on Encampments Sweeps, Closure and Vehicle Tows;

  4. Homes For All



Nationally there have been different bills and initiatives regarding Rent Cancellation. This is what we mean when we say "Cancel Rent"

 • All tenants would not have to pay rent during the crisis & recovery period as well as no owed rent debt at the end

• All required paperwork would be the landlord's responsibility, tenants shouldn’t have to prove or show anything

• For folks who have partially paid, they would have the remainder forgiven

• All repayment plans would immediately  be canceled and void


• Eliminates rent increases and locks in mortgages at current rates. THEY CANT RAISE THE RENT

• In San Jose: there is a rent freeze for apartments under rent control and mobile homes


• An eviction must go through a legal process in order for your landlord to remove you from your unit.


• In San Jose, a tenant may only be evicted under “just cause”. A 3 day notice is only the first step in a longer process to evict, but it doesn’t mean an eviction. Until the courts open, courts are not processing evictions.


• Temporarily prohibits landlords from evicting due to non-payment of rent caused by a COVID-19 impact.

• In Santa Clara County, the moratorium has been extended until August 31, with a 12 month period to repay rent. Tenants must pay at least 50% of unpaid rent by December 31st 2020. You are not obligated to set up a repayment plan with your landlord, because there is already a repayment plan in place by the city. Repayment plans are often predatory, do not sign before carefully reviewing and discussing.



• A rent strike is a tactic used to get a demand met by withholding rent.

• In this crisis, many are already on "strike", because they have no other option but to not pay rent. In saying they are striking they are demanding their situation be addressed.

• Although there are current protections under the moratorium, the obligation to pay after it is lifted is not realistic for those without work, through no fault of their own. Declaring a rent strike after the moratorium alongside thousands of others will be a more powerful force to propel rent cancellation.



Sign up if you need support, are interested in organizing with neighbors, or to be on

call for emergency eviction response.




•  If you can’t pay rent the first step is to notify your landlord in writing. Communication with landlords can be intimidating, especially around the subject about of not paying rent. But it’s something that needs to be done, and under the moratorium you must notify your landlord in order to be protected against eviction.



• We don't offer any monetary support, but community members in the south bay have created and are facilitating an ongoing effort to give support in a multitude of different ways. If you need support reach out and if you can also give a kind if support offer to help.